(December 10, 2016--#3)

Our third CoffeeHouse Open Mic was festive and entertaining for the Holiday Season.

  CoffeeHouse producer/host Walter Ness kicked off with his humorous “It was a beautiful day” comedy routine, followed by original comedy from Tina C .   Then CoffeeHouse co-producer Barbara B—with 12 volunteers from the audience —led a multi-media Sing-Along of “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

Host Walter does comedy

Tina C

12 volunteers lead a “12 Days of Christmas” Sing-Along


Joanna from Baltimore sings
a Silly Song


Wes and ukelele

Tom gives a dramatic poetry reading

Susan McLucas plays and sings

Next, storyteller Ralph C shared a story from his childhood; Angie E read a moving original poem; and Joanna B , visiting from Baltimore, sang 2 silly songs.   Storyteller Mike C presented an original science fiction tale; Wes Nickerson sang 2 original songs, accompanying himself on ukelele; and Tom Glannon did a dramatic poetry reading.

The show concluded with a poem and 2 songs (including a Sing-Along) from singer/guitarist Susan McLucas ; several original poems from Nancy Messom ; and 2 humorous songs from Shanti .   Then performers and audience socialized and chatted over refreshments.

Something Coffee House Open Mic is held monthly at Unity Somerville (near Davis Square).   We welcome performers of Music, Poetry, Comedy, and Storytelling, and invite more performers and audience members to join us at our next monthly Open Mic, on Saturday, January 14, 2017 (!) from 7-9 pm.   (For more info, see )